Collaborative Family Law
Collaborative Law is a cooperative process for resolving disputes associated with divorce, separate maintenance, child custody, asset division, child and spousal support in a non-confrontational manner without court intervention. The process was developed to reduce conflict normally associated with customary divorce litigation by use of the collaborative approach to solving the family’s problems by the adjunct assistance of professional coaches on financial and psychological issues facing the family, all with the goal of promoting creative problem solving in family law matters.

It involves a series of meetings in which the parties work through the issues of their separation by exploring options that will benefit both parties and their children. These meetings seek to promote communication between the parties and assist them in resolving their issues without accusation or acrimony.

If the parties are unable to resolve the issues within the collaborative law framework, the lawyers are required to withdraw from representation and cannot assist the parties in litigation. By binding themselves to this principle, collaborative lawyers and their clients seek to achieve a “win-win” result.

Mr. Bressel is one of the founding members of the Collaborative Law Institute of Kansas, and he has received extensive training in this methodology of solving family law cases without the burden of litigation for which his past clients have achieved highly successful results through this collaborative law approach model.

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